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Tracy Krauss’ Road to Success

Tracy Krauss has been one busy lady. With two of her books nominated for ‘Indie Excellence Book Awards’ and one hitting the best seller list on Amazon, her third book , which is currently in production, is already garnering lots of buzz. 

Hard work and building your platform are the key, she says. When her first book AND THE BEAT GOES ON was published by Strategic Book Group in 2009, she had no idea about book marketing or what was entailed. Since then, she continues to see sales of that book rise, especially now that its prequel, PLAY IT AGAIN, is set to release. Both AND THE BEAT GOES ON and her second book MY MOTHER THE MAN-EATER received finalist standing in the Indie Excellence Book Awards, while MAN-EATER also reached best seller status in the ‘Contemporary Romance’ category – no small feat considering the number of books in that category.

Book signings, speaking engagements, and other one on one activities round out a busy schedule of blogging and other on-line marketing.  Her blog ‘Expression Express’ continues to gain readership with its focus on quality content. FB  fanpage ‘likes’ climb as do followers on twitter. 

Tracy says that “it’s all about trying new things and sticking with what works.” She adds that she “is very happy with the support that Strategic continues to give its authors.” Thanks, Tracy; we love our authors too, and are always so happy to see them take initiative, like you’ve done, and see it lead to such success.

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