Richard J. Solita’s Twenty Years Of Vaudeville and a Pension: What Really Happens Behind the Badge is based on his experiences as a Chicago police officer; the book takes the author from rookie to veteran as he patrols some of the worst ghettos in the country, and spends 13 years as a gang homicide and robbery detective. Solita has stories to tell and insights to share.

After pursuing the usual channels of distribution, Rich kept at it, looking for new ways to get his material read. It occurred to him that his real life experiences in law enforcement offered a look into a world that no textbook or manual could replicate. A textbook might provide the ‘perfect world version’ of a subject or topic, but a book like his gives the ‘real world version,’ as he puts it, which would be invaluable to an audience that plans to pursue the field as a profession – like criminal justice students. Rich approached the program directors at several colleges and made just this sales pitch – his book would be a great complimentary reading source to the traditional textbooks in a criminal justice curriculum. And they agreed. His book is now on the reading list for five criminal justice classes….so far. It is available in the campus bookstores and, most importantly, online. This will generate hundreds of sales. As Rich says, this method can apply to books on a myriad of topics…from historical novels to memoirs that might have a psychological or sociological bent, to business guides or motivational handbooks.

There is no limit, except for one’s imagination. Richard J. Solita didn’t just find a place for his book, he made a place for it. Great job, Rich.