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SBPRA Top Twenty for Second Quarter (April – June)

Every author’s dream is to make it on a Top Seller list.  Congratulations to the following 20 authors who have made it!

Our top selling books within the last 90 days are as follows:

“Eritrea at a Crossroads” – Andebrhan Welde Giorgis

“The Professor” – Ashley Morrison

“Echoes of Thought” – Hugh G. Potts

“Tips and Tidbits for Parents and Teachers” – Patricia Kozyra

“Still” – Stephanie P. Cole

“A Culture of Fear” – Melinda Murphy

“One Old Ox Opening Oysters” – Paula Colette Bayley

“The Infidel” – Elisabetta Louise Faenza

“A Bug and A Wish” – Karen Scheuer

“Animal Bridge” – Wende Gripentrog

“Socket, Where Are You” – Jude Leonard

“Jackson & Auggie: Adventure in the Hudson Valley” – Renee Pearce

“Birth of a White Nation” – Jacqueline Battalora

“Definitions of Love” – Althea Laurine McMillan

“Lydias Child” – Valentine Kirychenko

“A Journey in Words” – Diane Peeling

“You Can Swim, But Can You Teach It?” – Maud Robertson Ramsay Nomiyama

“Just Cruzin’” – Douglas A. Miller

“Dark Clouds Over Alabama” – Carl J. Barger

“After the Rush” – Lanny P. Martinson


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