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SBPRA Does It Again: First Taiwan, Now Russia for eBook Catalogue Sale!

Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency is proud to announce the sale of over 500 of its authors’ eBook titles for distribution throughout Russia. This massive deal was signed with AVIRSA Holding, an international company headquartered in Moscow; AVIRSA subsidiary Wexler Electronics produces the #2 ebook reader in Russia, with a growing market share. Sales of Wexler eBooks topped half a million over the last year.

eBook titles will be available for purchase, adding a new distribution channel for these authors’ titles, making them available to one of the largest, growing global markets and providing a new revenue source. The agreement covers Strategic’s eBook catalogue as of the first quarter of 2011.

Strategic CEO Robert Fletcher said, “We do not know of a single other publisher that has landed a deal like this for their authors. The name of the game is global expansion and we are on the leading edge. Next, we fully expect to sell our authors’ books inside China in the same style of contract.” Earlier this year, the company sold the ebook catalogue for Taiwanese distribution.

AVIRSA and SBPRA were both represented at the Frankfurt Book Fair, where discussions began. Strategic Book Publishing encourages all of its 3,000-plus authors throughout the world to participate in the company’s Foreign Rights Expo Outreach Program and to create eBook versions of their books.

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