Each year the North American Bookdealers Exchange (NABE) honors the finest work published by its members. This year SBPRA has an impressive five authors selected as Summer 2012 winners. The authors include: Sherrill S. Cannon, Ian Crouch, Anne Burack Sayre, Jeanie Vant, and Aly Walsh. The authors and their work will be featured in the next issue of Book Dealers World, as well as on the NABE website.

Anne Burack Sayre won best book in the Juvenile Fiction category for The Birthday Book Club Snatching. In the first book of the exciting Melinda & Simon children’s book series, Simon Burke’s older sister, Melinda, has misgivings about her younger brother’s quirky and odd behavior. But she doesn’t think he took the books that are missing from school, and sets out to prove his innocence and solve the mystery.

Aly Walsh is a winner in the Children’s Interest category for My Mum Says “Blah Blah Blah”. This fun story about a typical day raising a small child shows that parents are often tuned out by their kids, who find more interesting things to listen to than our “Blah Blah Blah.” But, says the author, “I wanted to write a story to show my son that there are consequences of actions, particularly negative, if you choose not to listen to your parents when they are trying to guide you.” There is plenty of humor here to go with the guidance.

Also winning in Children’s Interest is Sherrill S. Cannon for Gimme-Jimmy, her humorous look at childhood, in this case a boy who is a bit of a bully and whose favorite word is ‘gimme.’ But imagine what happens when every time Jimmy says the word “Gimme,” his hand begins to grow larger! How can he ever turn the situation around? Would being polite help?

Jeanie Vant won best book in the Animals & Pets category for The Witch’s Cat. This heart-warming story about a boy, a cat and a witch teaches children that some witches are good; the unlikeliest of creatures can become a best friend; and that at the end of the day, we all must be selfless enough to let go of those we love.

Winning in Historical Fiction is Ian Crouch for A Pyrrhic Victory: The Shaping of Destiny. History comes alive in this stunning epic about the heroes of antiquity. Journey back to 301 BC: it is 22 years after the death of Alexander the Great, and a young king named Pyrrhus is about to enter the world stage as two armies prepare for battle. This phenomenal book is more a story than a history, yet it is based on fact and reaches out to make this period come alive for readers. A Pyrrhic Victory refers to a win that comes at such a high cost that it may well destroy the victor.

Strategic Book and Publishing Rights Agency congratulates all of its authors for a job well done.

For more on the Pinnacle Achievement Awards, go to: http://www.bookmarketingprofits.com/PinnacleAwardsSummer2012.html