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SBPRA Author Titles Now Available POD in Brazil and Germany

Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. has joined Ingram Books’ Global Connect Program (GCP), which provides in-country printing and distribution throughout the world, and has just added Brazil and Germany to its domain. SBPRA titles ordered in Brazil and Germany will now be printed in those countries, allowing faster turnaround and ease of shipping. This means SBPRA authors can easily and quickly reach these growing markets for sales and exposure.

GCP’s partnership with global print and distribution services means that SBPRA can offer print-on-demand availability in more countries than ever before. GCP German and Brazilian partners will show SBPRA book titles as ‘available’ for the marketplace, and print immediately when orders come in from local channels and retailers.

As part of Global Connect, SBPRA books are also being published in plants in the UK, France and Australia, which provide local print distribution services. As the program expands, the new GCP partners allow Ingram and SBPRA to offer print-to-order solutions in countries where they do not have physical production facilities.

SBPRA is committed to utilizing all channels to provide global availability and distribution for its authors’ work. For more information, visit


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