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SBPRA Announces all Author Websites to be Converted to Mobile-Ready

Interview with Vice President of Technology, SBPRA – Lee Anderson

Did you know over 25% of visits to websites are done via smartphones and tablets? According to the Consumer Electronics Association, tablets and smartphones will account for 40% of ALL consumer electronics sales in the coming year. That’s why Strategic Book Publishing is converting all of its author websites to W4M – Web for Mobile – at no charge to its authors.

Having a mobile-ready website will allow  the millions of people who buy and read books via their handheld devices to access your website.

To learn more about the emergence of W4M, and  better understand the importance of internet marketing, we spoke with Lee Anderson, SBPRA Vice President of Technology.

Q: “When did you start building websites?” 

A: “I built my first website back in 1995. This was well before Google even existed. Technology sure has changed in the almost 20 years since then. Not to mention, I am about 20 years older!”

Q: “What has changed about websites in the past few years?”

A: “I have never seen the internet change so quickly as it has in the past 2-3 years. Just a few years ago, most websites were accessed by a desktop computer. But today, many websites are accessed by mobile devices such as Kindle or iPhones most of the time. These devices are much smaller than traditional computer monitors. Therefore, our approach to web design has changed.”

Q: “What is your philosophy about mobile web?”

A: “My philosophy is simple: 100% of author websites must be mobile-optimized 100% of the time. Anything less is unacceptable. And that’s why SBPRA is upgrading ALL of its author sites. At no charge. Because what’s best for our authors is best for us.”

Q: “Will a website that is optimized for mobile work on traditional computers?”

A: “Absolutely. All our websites designed for mobile devices work well for larger devices such as desktops. Our design guarantees successful delivery on both mobile and traditional devices.”

Q: “Why is mobile web important for authors?”

A: “Excellent question. Having a mobile-ready website matters for two reasons: First, because soon a majority of readers will reach our author websites via mobile devices, all author websites MUST be optimized for mobile devices. Failure to be optimized for both mobile and traditional devices will lock out many, if not a majority of readers from ever being able to purchase your book.

“I like to say that W4M = MMM. That stands for Mobile Makes Money. Simply put, if your website is not mobile-optimized, you won’t make as much money.”

Q: “Why should authors use your team to design their websites?”

A: “We create websites for SBPRA-published authors and thousands more from around the world, self-published or otherwise. We stay beyond the cutting edge of technology. If you are an author that wants to maximize exposure in order to increase sales, then our W4M site is what you should have, the sooner the better. “

For more information on mobile-ready websites, visit our Enhanced Author Website portal.



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