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New & notable releases

Trickster: The Being from My Mind

Jiri Hubacek

Thank You, Life

Fikre Tolossa, Ph.D.

Abe and the Wee Folk

James S. Reiley


Alex Bloch

Journey 2: The Lord’s Prayer—A Complete, Concise Guide for How to Pray

John F. Inserra, Jr.

Two Men and Their Catch

Deborah K Crawford

The Rebellion of the Dhimmis: The Break-up of Slavery of Christians and Jews under Islam

Raphael Israeli

Mother Shekinah Wisdom: The Third Person in the Godhead

Isiah Lawrence Nottage

Figure Eight: About a Kid with Dyscalculia: Book 1

Cynthia Fabian

Just a Mile More

Inyang E. Ekwo

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever: Volume II: A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming an Antiques Dealer

Christine Pym

A Knight for All Time: King Arthur’s Choice

Kyle Williamson


S J Clarke 

Represencing the Present

G.V. Loewen

Rehema: A Play

Cavin Tawo Odhiambo

The Connection

William Phillips


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