New & notable releases

Connected Life Awareness

Diane E. Peeling

My Little Angel Coloring Book

Sherrill S. Cannon

Full Circle

Katrina Covington Whitmore Betty Lipscomb Walker

Missing in Action

John G. Raffensperger, MD

Red Tide

John G. Raffensperger, MD

David Likes to Play with Dolls

Maricela Estrada

Go To It 2: Gemstones

Deborah C. Sang 


Joshua K. Furchner

The Deadly Blue Diamond

John G. Raffensperger, MD

The First and Last Science

G.V. Loewen

The Number of the Best—A Novel of Ourselves

G.V. Loewen

Jennifer the Flying Alligator

John G. Raffensperger, MD

How to Naturally Prevent Premature Death through Diet & Exercise

Daniel Dalton


John G. Raffensperger, MD

Walking Through Battles on the Bay

Carol Cherry Anderson

My Dear

Dawn Gregory


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