Dear Book Fair Team,

Since I have signed my first contract with SBPRA, I have never been disappointed. Not even once! I am so glad that I have chosen your company, and that you have accepted to publish my manuscripts! Thank you so much! God bless you!

Now, as for you proposal. I believe it is a miraculous opportunity both for me and my book. Of course, I won’t be able to come to Korea till next Wednesday, even though I want, but I would love my book title to be there, if it is possible. If I understood you right, I have to pay $99 for one title. Correct? Could you please tell me, then, the information I need for a Wire Transfer, for this is the only way I can send you the money.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, and thank you for taking care of me and my books!

God Almighty bless you all!

With warmest regards, Edgar Rac

Author: Edgar Rac, author of “From Darkness to Light”