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MUNRO in Print, DEMARCO in Review

munroKevin Munro and his Chronicles of a Stink Chicken were featured in the South Coast Register – Kevin and his new book got a full page spread in this largest regional newspaper on the south coast of NSW Australia.

“Stink” in Australian slang means a “fight” or something or someone that is not welcome. The Chronicles of a Stink Chicken: Episodes features eight short stories describing the madness that can come from using illicit drugs. Humour is employed to show how easily a user’s mind may be led into absurd beliefs. Watch the video at:

9781609767907-Perfect.inddLisa DeMarco’s humor books were reviewed by Gary Roen, a nationally syndicated writer, in this month’s Midwest Book Review. Serving Up Some Funny and Serving Up Some Funny Leftovers he says, are for “people who can laugh at a simple joke, whether it is spicy or cheesy or somewhat tasteless, and realize that life doesn’t have to be SO serious all the time. The two Serving Up titles are perfect gifts for any occasion.”

DeMarco is a long-time waitress who keeps her customers in stitches. She credits her book to her diners however. “My customers are my characters. They are the kind souls who share their tales with me and allow me to serve them up for others to enjoy.” Read the full review at:


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