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METEORIC RISE ON AMAZON – The Modern Voice of an Irish Immigrant

After just a couple of weeks in release, Imelda Cummins-DeMelkon’s book The Modern Voice of an Irish Immigrant is rising fast on Amazon’s list of Hot New Releases.

The book, tagged under New Irish Biographies, skyrocketed, up to #38 and then to #9 in just a matter of days. (3-12-12

Imelda Cummins-DeMelkon has written a fascinating account of her experiences growing up in Ireland as one of 12 children, and the struggles and challenges that led her to immigrate to the United States. The Modern Voice of an Irish Immigrant speaks eloquently of the conflicts the author experienced as a child and young adult, and the overzealous paternal control that dominated her life. Among the topics she explores are the changing face of the Catholic Church, the uniform wish of immigrants to recreate the best of the culture they left behind, and the joy of discovering a new life that is worth the often challenging effort. This is a true story of hope and fulfillment in which the author shares the journey to acceptance and forgiveness, creating an engrossing and unforgettable read.

The memoir has resonated with Irish media as well, with the author interviewed on the arts program “The Sunday Grill with Mary O’Neill” ( and appearing with Seamus Martin on Tipperary FM. Later this week she will discuss her book with Matt Cooper on Today FM; that interview will be available as of March 20th at

Congratulations, Imelda!


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