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Lecon J. Murphy, Barnes and Noble + More

Author of the International Book Awards Finalist winning book The Last Soul, Lecon J. Murphy, has struck gold again by confirming with Barnes & Noble the purchase of his book to be carried in their stores! As soon as the books hit the shelves, Mr. Murphy will start doing signings in these locations to promote them. He has previously done signings at a local school, selling all of the copies he had available.

The Last Soul has steadily picked up speed with the sale of the e-book format into the Taiwanese market last summer as well. The e-book format has made The Last Soul a resounding success with sales on Amazon’s Kindle. Lecon J. Murphy has steadily expanded his fanbase on Facebook where The Last Soul fan total has reached an astounding 4,900+ fans!

Currently, Mr. Murphy is completing the sequels to The Last Soul and apparently these books are eagerly anticipated by Facebook fans of his first book:

“Really great book! Gives you a lot to think about! Can’t wait for the next one!”

“Very good read…can’t wait for the next title!”

More information on Lecon J. Murphy’s books can be found on The Last Soul Facebook page:


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