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L.A. Book Launch for Author Ripon Haque to Feature Mayor Eric Garcetti

Nowhere ManLos Angeles, CA – The Writers Association of Bangladesh in Los Angeles is proud to host a book launch for author Ripon Haque’s new work, Nowhere Man. The event will be held on Sunday, September 15, 2013 at 1130 S. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Mayor Eric Garcetti is expected to attend.

The culture shock of emigrating from Bangladesh to America is told in this powerful new novel which features true stories told by several immigrant families who came to Los Angeles to start a new life.

One such immigrant was a Bangladeshi student who came to America in the 1980s to study. He had a strong desire to go back after completing his education, but never managed to return. He got a job, married someone picked by his family, and raised three children in the land where he never wanted to settle down forever. The children grew up with their own American ways, forgetting their roots. The story is a sad tale of a man who in his old age feels like a Nowhere Man.

The book offers an observation of a transplanted Bangladesh community, and the psychological misery experienced due to their children’s newfound identity.

Meet author Ripon Haque and learn more about the story and his own life as an immigrant. grew up in a large family in Bangladesh. “My father was a civil lawyer and my mother was a homemaker. It’s a totally different world from America. The bond among the family members is so strong that it keeps a person emotionally very strong.” The author runs an apparel manufacturing plant in Los Angeles, where he lives with his family.

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