The Largest Book Chain in South Korea to Add US Publisher’s POD Catalogue

All five thousand SBPRA titles will soon be available to the millions of South Korean customers of Kyobo Book Centre, the largest book chain in the country. The SBPRA catalogue of print and ebooks will be sold through Kyobo’s POD (Print on Demand) facility.

“This is an example of an innovative book store chain combining with our innovative global distribution network,” said Kait Neese, Managing Director of PODG’s Global Distribution Network.

The company’s presence in the Asian markets keeps growing, with this deal following the recent contract with, the “Amazon of China”, which now carries SBPRA books.

Kyobo has a catalogue of over 2 million titles and 10 store locations with some 3.2 million members for its Kyobo Book Club; Kyobo receives around 180,000 visitors every day through its online and offline stores.

SBPRA is proud to be one of a very few U.S. companies making these inroads and taking its authors global. For more information, visit: