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Kylie Floate on National Speaking Tour

Kylie Floate is crossing Australia on a national speaking tour, appearing in cities including Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide, from March through May. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster at:

The author and nutritionist will discuss her new book, The Undeniable TRUTH About Food: A PHASES approach to making CHANGES that make a REAL difference to YOU and the PLANET. Kylie believes that consumers are more powerful than they realise, and can insist on changes in the food industry. She provides a “phases” approach to sustainable changes that will make a big difference in our health and for the health of our planet. The Undeniable TRUTH About FOOD reveals the harsh reality of our food supply, including how it’s produced, what’s added, and what it’s doing to us.

It’s time to learn how to eat healthy and avoid unhealthy food additives! Come out and support Kylie!


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