Inguna Brazil Book Launch in Ireland

Brazil Cover WebInguna Brazil will have a book launch for her novel I Have to Get It Off My Chest on Saturday, March 30 in Ferbane, Ireland at the Ferbane Heritage Centre, beginning at There will be a book signing and a Raffle to benefit St. Hilda’s Disability Services Special Care Unit “Benbradagh House.” All monies from the raffle go to aid children with special needs.

I Have to Get It Off My Chest – I Have to Tell My Truth is a compelling novel based on the author’s own experiences living in post-Soviet Latvia in the 1990s. While the book depicts events from her personal history, it is also a story that is familiar to many other Latvian women who faced similar adversities following the demise of Soviet-controlled Eastern Europe.
Latvia at this time was a place of political upheaval and societal turmoil. This is the story of Lolita, a young woman who faces her own personal challenges, having a husband with addiction problems, as well as the economic hardships that were widespread across Eastern Europe. Lolita eventually chooses to move abroad and start a new life. In a foreign country, far from everything familiar, she faces new challenges, including bringing up a child with special needs.

In Ireland? Join Inguna at her book launch!