Howard Jordan’s 101 Reasons to Leave New York has racked up a ton of awards and led to his very own blog on The Huffington Post. His most recent entry, on TV theme shows, has been tapped as a “Readers’ Favorite”. Check it out at:

Howard says, “Please share amongst the SBPRA family. It’s all because of 101 Reasons and the growth in interest this new opportunity has come.”

Gustav Tigaard appeared on Pacifica’s KOIT Channel 26 “Footsteps of Pacifica” to talk about Windjamming to China. The show was hosted by San Francisco’s Marine Museum’s historian David Hirzel and sponsored by the Pacifica Historical Society. This 30 minute prime time program will be shown several times. Windjamming is the epic tale of a 15 year-old sailing the North Pacific in the 1930s. This American sailor was born on the icy shores of Plymouth, rocked upon the waves of the Atlantic, cut his teeth on New England codfish and gained his sea legs atop the mizzen of Yankee Clippers!

Ila France Porcher is delighted to report that four of her paintings, three of which are illustrations from her book My Sunset Rendezvous, are on display at the SHARK exhibition at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale. The exhibition will be on public display until January, 2013; the book is available in the museum gift shop.

With her knowledge gained through years of studying the local reef sharks in Polynesia, Porcher is committed to changing the image of sharks in the media from vicious killers to the intelligent and kinder creatures she came to know. Here is a link to an article about the exhibition that appeared in the Miami Herald:

Jennie Chadwick was featured in the Modesto Bee (Aug 4, 2012); the half page spread included photos and an article about the author, as well as a promo for her upcoming signing event at The McHenry Mansion Visitor Center and Gift Store in Modesto. Chadwick is the author of The Peach Tree Kids children’s book series, which features Jaws of Dragons and Circus Fleas. Life is always an adventure for the six friends known as The Peach Tree Kids!