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Impressive Depth of Reach in the Marketplace


Thank you for reviewing my work and offering me the publishing options.

I am impressed with the depth of reach that your company has in the marketplace.  At this point, the books are already published and I already have a website that I put together that immerses people in the world of the novels and provides bonus content as well as a few free music tracks.

Anyways, I realize that it is a sales and results driven business.  I am not generating many sales as of yet.  This being said, I am interested in the trade show exposure.  You had mentioned that the cost would be $20 per show for a year.  I have two questions.  First, being that I have 3 books in the trilogy, would the cost be $20 per book per show, or $20 per show for all 3 (since they are a trilogy).  The second question is if you believe that having exposure in these trade shows is worthwhile for new authors.  Thanks for taking the time to educate me and look over my work.  If you would need to look over the other two books that would be no problem.

Ian Mueller


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