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Author Hugh Bowen has been profiled in the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle. A retired forensic psychologist and professor, Bowen is the author of four books, with a fifth in the works. His first book Why? is an account of his role in the investigation of an aircraft accident; the author flew for the Royal Air Force during WWII. As the article outlines, Bowen draws on his own past and fields of study for his diverse collection of work. Reversal deals with transgenderism, a field Bowen studied while at Johns Hopkins University. This, which he calls his “sex book”, opens with the actual case of a dominant woman scheming to feminize her androgynous husband. His third work, Edge, while fictional, is based in part on a real serial killer; the book contains quite a bit of forensic psychology as well as the sort of behavior profiling he did for the FBI. Cave was inspired by a visit to his ancestral home in Wales. Although, again, fictionalized, the novel is based on two true stories, one of a smuggling operation on the coast and the other of a terrorist plot against the Royal Family. The book contains incidents from Bowen’s young life and he calls it his most personal book. Write what you know is a mantra this author takes seriously; lucky for readers that Bowen’s knowledge and experience covers so many fields!


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