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Fifty-Fifty Author Julie L. Kessler Gives 100% to Marketing

Kudos to Julie L. Kessler for her non-flagging marketing efforts and the wonderful results she is seeing from them. The author and her book Fifty-Fifty, The Clarity of Hindsight have recently been profiled in the Sunday Page Turner section of the Honolulu Star Advertiser, Honolulu’s newspaper of general circulation; the Larchmont Chronicle (Los Angeles); and the Beach Book Section of The Beach Reporter, the Southern California South Bay newspaper.

Kessler has done book signings at Pages Bookstore, Chevalier’s Bookstore, as well as been the guest speaker at the New Garment Association Charity Luncheon in Hancock Park, CA. She will be signing copies of Fifty-Fifty at the Women’s Lifestyle Strategies Event in Burbank, CA on November 9 and will be interviewed on LA Talk Radio’s “Two Talk Books” hosted by Starla Faye on November 17 at 11:00 am PST. The interview can be heard following the taping at

The author, lawyer, wife, mother, and world traveler has crammed a lot of living into her 50 years, and shares them in her insightful Fifty-Fifty, The Clarity of Hindsight. This compilation of lessons learned by the 50-year-old contains 50 chapters that describe her fascinating travel, work and life adventures around the globe and at home. She has lived and worked abroad, speaks several languages and writes in wonderful Clarity about her often hilarious, yet sometimes heartbreaking experiences.

The daughter of immigrant parents, the author notes that her mother traveled right up to the end of her life, which came just three months following her 51st birthday. “In her honor, and to mid-centurions everywhere, I devote these writings. The very best is right now and exactly where you are headed. Wherever that may be.”

SBPRA salutes Julie on her marketing chops.


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