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How fun to run into an IB PYP teacher in this fashion.  The IB Diploma Program has been officially in The Netherlands for 6-years now, and I have been involved since 2008. I absolutely love the program and the way it allows the students to become the best they can be…always challanging them to rise above the status quo…..Well, this is fate for sure and I am confident that I am in good hands. I can imagine you miss the students dearly, I know I would.

I will go straight to the forms now, as I want to order 100 copies today at author discount of $8.48 + shipping cost. Thank  you for the nice personalized note. Sometimes with the efficiency of the multiple departments at SBPRA, it does feel like being just another drop in the ocean of new authors….but, I must say, I am impressed with the professionalism of SBPRA and have found the entire experience enlightening and enjoyable.

Thanks again…Cheers, Kathy

Author: Kathy Keller, author of “Chapter Closed”


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