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Sally Eccleston has won the NABE Fall 2011 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for her novel, Leap Beyond Blue Sky Veil. The book was chosen in the category of Historical Fiction. Each year, for the past twenty-seven, the North American Bookdealers Exchange (NABE) honors some of the finest work published by its members. Ms Eccleston and her work will be featured in the next issue of Book Dealers World as well as at upcoming book trade show exhibits.

In Leap Beyond Blue Sky Veil, author Eccleston creates a work of historical fiction that weaves the true story of Sarah Winnemucca of the Paiute tribe in the 19th century Silver Rush era with her fictional niece, a modern Paiute shaman and university professor. Both women live with residual effects of the slaughter of 23 members of their people by a U.S. cavalry unit, including Sarah’s two sisters.

Eccleston masterfully mingles the autobiography of Sarah Winnemucca with fictional contemporary characters and themes via Edwina Winnemucca, who lectures her university class on the life of the beautiful and spirited Sarah. A theme is transmitted of the delicate balance of good and evil in nature, and in man himself. You will be mesmerized as the author introduces you to the idea that three contemporary college students may be reincarnates of Sarah and her two murdered sisters. And you will be riveted as the girls become fierce advocates for the preservation of nature, through wisdom drawn from the ancient Paiutes. Leap Beyond Blue Sky Veil is a gripping tale of the all-encompassing, viable force that bridges man to his natural environment.

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