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“Destiny’s Waltz” Author on PBS

PBS through WEDU-TV recently aired an episode of Jack Perkin’s A Gulf Coast Journal featuring author Robert de Warren and his most recent accomplishment, The Carreño Dance Festival; the festival was created with artistic partner and celebrated ballet star Jose Manuel Carreño of American Ballet Theatre. National press and the program book of the Metropolitan Opera House have been quick to recognize this venture as a true first. Its resounding success confirmed what talent, experience and clear understanding can achieve, even in a small cultural center such as Sarasota, Florida.

Robert de Warren is sought after for his wide experience and unique knowledge gained in over sixty years as a dance director, choreographer, designer and advocate for support of the art of dance in the highest international circles.

BALLET REVIEW, doyen of US dance publications, reviewed de Warren’s recently published memoir,  Destiny’s Waltz, in their Summer 2011 issue. Joseph Houseal writes: “The importance of personal character proved to be his (de Warren’s) career mainstay – that, and an enormous talent in a number of arts, principal among them classical ballet. His life experiences recorded here expand our knowledge of the early Royal Ballet and twentieth-century European ballet, of the National Ballet of Iran and the country’s folk dances and of Nureyev’s artistry and personality….De Warren describes the fall of the Iranian monarchy through his eyes as the court choreographer.”

During his life, de Warren has met fifty heads of state, celebrities of dance, opera, music, literature, film art and more. And throughout it all he has retained a childlike joy at the wonders of our world, a joy he shares in this fascinating account of an extraordinary life.

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