Hello Everyone!  I must say that I have never known a more dedicated, loyal, and hard working group of staff members/employees with such family status and each professionals in your fields from every department, that caters to the needs, and requests of it’s writers while exceeding anyone’s expectations.

From the instructions to the patience to the designing of the cover, and the information on formatting, a step by step process that nearly took the patience of God.  Yet you never complained or discarded me.  For that, I thank you, each and every one of you.  I am truly proud, honored, and pleased with each of you.

Outside of punctuation, that I’ll hopefully have corrected in the near future, I can’t find anything out of order.  You guys are brilliant and your quality of service is outstanding.  I cried when my book arrived.  Everything was just so overwhelming to me.  Whatever success I have, could not have been possible without any of you.  We work well as a team.  Congratulations to each of you!

Print, design, cover, name, book title over page, back cover proof and copy/print quality…all superb!

Author: Brenda Parks, Author of “Poetic Proverbs of Daily Life”