Another example of great team work by SBPRA

I want to thank you all for putting so much effort into my book and for working with me to get it published. Stephanie Velings Author website:  

Digital Evaluation – Marketing Services

I am very proud of SBPRA Marketing team, you guys are doing an amazing job for me so if this is the way to encourage me then I would like to carry on. Henri Eyo Author Website :

Strigoi – Wynter Wilkins

You have proven timely in all you do and have more than excelled my initial expectations thus far.  Please remind all your staff at SBPRA that there is one author who is truly impressed and grateful for their work.  So as I move forward let me tip my proverbial conical hat to you and all your team for […]

Video Satisfaction Survey

The Video Trailers you created are exciting and well-done! My thanks to all the staff, my readers and to you for your excellent work in creating such explicit Video Trailers. Author: Lilian White  

Brilliant Team Work

Wow this is super!! I recognize all the brilliant bits are from you, how do you manage to be so efficient! and true to the spirit of the book too. Love. Professor Ruth Finnegan Author : The Wild Thorn Rose and The Little Angel and the Three Wisdoms