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SBPRA Authors Recognized at 2013 Paris Book Festival

SBPRA authors made waves at this year’s Paris Book Festival, taking home honors in two categories. We are so proud congratulate Julie L. Kessler and John W. Kirshon on their remarkable success! Julie will be heading to Paris at the end of the month to attend that gala awards ceremony. Julie L. Kessler was named first runner up in the Wild Card category [...]

Lancaster Adams Wins Big at Beverly Hills Book Awards

SBPRA author Lancaster Adams took home the top honor in the Self-Help category at the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards for his work, Revelations of Your Self-Help Book Secrets. His insightful book is a fascinating journey through science and self-help literature exploring what we call “psychic phenomena.” ( - ISBN: [...]

Kyobo Bookstore to Carry PODG-SBPRA Catalogue

The Largest Book Chain in South Korea to Add US Publisher’s POD Catalogue All five thousand SBPRA titles will soon be available to the millions of South Korean customers of Kyobo Book Centre, the largest book chain in the country. The SBPRA catalogue of print and ebooks will be sold through Kyobo’s POD (Print on Demand) facility. “This is an example [...]

SBPRA Announces all Author Websites to be Converted to Mobile-Ready

Interview with Vice President of Technology, SBPRA - Lee Anderson Did you know over 25% of visits to websites are done via smartphones and tablets? According to the Consumer Electronics Association, tablets and smartphones will account for 40% of ALL consumer electronics sales in the coming year. That's why Strategic Book Publishing is converting all of [...]

SBPRA Signs eBook Deal with Handygo for Smartphone Distribution Throughout India

Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency (SBPRA) has announced an agreement with Handygo for the distribution of its e-Book catalogue throughout India. The Handygo deal will allow e-Books to be downloaded directly to smartphones, a cutting-edge approach to product delivery. The contract was a result of meetings begun at the New Delhi Book Fair 2012 and [...]

SBPRA Author Titles Now Available POD in Brazil and Germany

Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. has joined Ingram Books’ Global Connect Program (GCP), which provides in-country printing and distribution throughout the world, and has just added Brazil and Germany to its domain. SBPRA titles ordered in Brazil and Germany will now be printed in those countries, allowing faster turnaround and ease of shipping. [...]

Authors Expand to China with PODG/SBPRA

Publish on Demand Global and Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency authors will soon have their work read by millions in China; Chinese translations of English ebook titles are now available on Barnes & Noble for Nook, and shortly will be on Amazon and iTunes. PODG and SBPRA have expanded into the global marketplace with eBook catalogue sales [...]

SBPRA Acquires Distribution Channels in South Africa and Norway at BEA

Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency (SBPRA) has announced the acquisition of new distribution channels for all of its published works to South Africa and Norway. The arrangement, with The Nielson Company, was struck during Book Expo of America 2012 and adds to SBPRA’s growing global distribution network for its authors and clients. At BEA, [...]

SBPRA CEO Interviewed in “All About Book Publishing”

Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency’s CEO Robert Fletcher has been interviewed in the current issue of All About Book Publishing, where he discusses his views on the globalization of the publishing industry and the upwards trend for POD and e-books. “Forget rights sold based on nations,” says Mr. Fletcher, “The new game is based on language. [...]