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Brittany Crawford and the Special Olympics

Author Brittany Crawford went to the Oklahoma Special Olympic Games, held at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, along with her illustrator Michelle Oakley. The two young women held a book signing featuring their book, I Sit In a Wheelchair…But I Will Be Okay.

The Special Olympics are “Special” because they give disabled children and adults the chance to compete in organized sports. These mentally and physically challenged individuals might not have an opportunity to participate otherwise. Some of these special people do not have much in life. Many of these individuals have medical problems that are beyond their control. However, competing in the Special Olympics gives them a chance to feel like they can accomplish something positive in life.

The signing went fantastic, despite rain on the last day; Brittany and Michelle sold a number of books. One young man seemed particularly impressed with the book. “Peter never strayed too far from our table the first day.” says Brittany, smiling. His caregiver informed him that he did not have enough money to purchase the book he so desperately wanted. Hearing that, Brittany reached into her pocket and gave him the exact change he needed to purchase I Sit In a Wheelchair…But I Will Be Okay. Brittany says that the book sales may not have netted them a huge sum, but this one ‘non-purchase’ made it all worthwhile: “The grin on Peter’s face was priceless.”


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