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Author’s POV: Conrad Murray Convicted in Jackson Case but Florida Propofol Death Remains Uncharged

In what one father calls a ‘grave miscarriage of justice’, the Florida doctor who administered a lethal dose of propofol to a cosmetic surgery patient remains free of criminal charges.

On September 25, 2003, Don Ayer’s daughter, Julie Ayer Rubenzer, walked into a clinic for a fairly routine procedure. She never walked out. After being administered propofol, “her breathing stopped on the table, her heart stopped,” Ayer says. In court testimony, witnesses stated that Julie flat-lined, and the doctor at the clinic waited several minutes before starting chest compressions to bring her back. The doctor doing Julie’s breast augmentation was actually an oral surgeon untrained in the use of powerful anesthetic drugs. Ayer points out, “the anesthesia was directed by the doctor who was not an anesthesiologist, had no certification in anesthesia whatsoever, none.”

The Who’s Next Club: A Cosmetic Surgery Diasister is Don Ayer’s stunning account of this plastic surgery gone wrong and its painful aftermath. It is a book written by a grieving father who hopes his daughter’s story will make a difference in reducing the cosmetic surgery death rate. The last chapter, titled “The Michael Jackson Impact,” recounts what happens when people seeking justice are not rich or famous, as in the trial of Jackson’s doctor for involuntary manslaughter. The Ayers have not received such justice or closure for their daughter.


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