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AUTHORS IN THE NEWS… Naggs, Padley, Greenfield and Arnold

Robin A. Naggs and her I Am A Squirmy Wormy were featured in The Carolina Forest Chronicle. If you’ve ever tried to hold a squirming child, you will appreciate this charming children’s book which was inspired by the author’s own squirming granddaughter. The book introduces the words right and left, and up and down, concepts that come into play when you deal with a Squirmy Wormy.

Stephen L. Padley and his novel Abalus: In the Beginning were featured in the Sound Telegraph Newspaper in Rockingham, West Australia. Padley’s fascinating book takes an insightful and frightening look at what our future may hold. Fast forward 150 years to a bleak world, the sparse population left has returned to a pre-industrial era, nature having reclaimed the cities. Fifteen-year-old Abalus, having witnessed the slaying of his father and been incarcerated in a re-education centre, escapes and embarks on a quest for forbidden knowledge. Perhaps the past can save the future.

 Kramer Greenfield and The Blessings and Sorrows of Schlumel The Angel were profiled in the Authors Forum section of the Sunday Nashua Telegraph. Greenfield has created a wonderfully wicked satire in this story of a man taken before his time because of an error in Heaven. To make up for the mishap, his superior (The High Mukkah Muk) decides to make him an angel and give him extra powers to return to Earth. Back among humanity, Schlumel battles the problems of teen suicide, murder, water pollution, and con men, with the help of some quirky mortals.

C.J. Arnold’s Pokey Goes to America was reviewed in the Nov. edition of Dallas Child magazine ( . Back in 1700s England, Pokey is a curious little gray mouse who likes to ‘poke’ his big purple nose into everything. When the accidently winds up on a ship sailing to America, Pokey discovers a whole new world. The author was inspired to write Pokey because of the shortage of factual historical stories for children; more Pokey adventures will be coming!


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