Sue Merritt’s book Seek On! The True Story of Combat Tracker Teams of the Vietnam War has been reviewed on the website Britain’s Small Wars — — where it received an “Excellent” rating and was called a ‘must read’ Seek On! is the true story of five men and one Labrador retriever,  trained by the world’s best to find the  enemy in the jungles of Vietnam. An excellent read covering a less-well known but fascinating topic of the Vietnam war, well worth a the time spent on its research and a valuable addition to any library.

Robert Broome Jr.’s My Confederate Cousin was added to the recommended reading list on the website Black Confederate Soldiers — Broome’s book is the fictionalized account of an African American ancestor who fought for the South during the Civil War. “My cousin, Basil Dawson, was a black Confederate soldier born in Poolesville, Maryland. As a soldier in the Confederate States Army, Basil killed Federal soldiers alongside his white father and half brother, who also fought for the CSA. Following the war, Basil returned home to relatives who were unhappy with him because he had fought for the South. Even today, the family remains divided because Basil served with the Confederacy.”

Janice B. Scott was approached by a freelance journalist interested in interviewing her and reviewing Janice’s book, Babes and Sucklings. I especially like the main character, the Reverend Polly Hewitt, and the down-to-earth way she tackles the problems of life in small Norfolk villages. She’s great fun, which means the Christian message comes across in a way which will be appreciated by churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike. Janice’s fiction is proving a gentle, absorbing way to share her faith message with many, but is also a very exciting read. I couldn’t put the book down