Pat Kozyra, author of “Tips and Tidbits for Parents and Teachers” has been featured on one of978-1-62516-981-5-PKozyraCover the top go-to guides for moderns mom, Sassy Mama HK.  She is sharing her top parenting tips in a special post on the site.

Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s easy to be a parent. Thankfully, there is no written test we must pass before having children! After raising my two daughters (now mothers themselves), I readily admit I was not the perfect parent and I’m still hearing from them about things they didn’t like or enjoy about my parenting. The reality is, not only is your child constantly learning, but you’re learning parenting skills as well and no one is expecting you to get everything right the first time! Here’s my checklist of 12 parenting tips which will hopefully make that daunting task of parenting a little bit easier.  Read more