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Author P. W. Ingty Launches New Book at Shillong CALM Festival

IngtyP. W. Ingty’s new book was launched at the Shillong CALM (Creative Arts Literature and Music) Festival. The Festival featured works by established authors, as well as new, and included panel discussions. Ingty says that his book Bhaskara: The Last of the Varmans is “a historical fiction based on the discovery of the ruins of an ancient city by the Archaeological Survey of India and the story that emerges from the findings. I am not a formal student of history but in my spare time I sometimes like to read historical articles which interest me.” The story revolves around Bhaskara, who is a prince of the ancient Varman dynasty that ruled Kamarupa for 300 years. A psychic predicts that he will be the most capable but last king of his line. He is later called upon by Harshavardhana, King of Thanesar, to join with him in teaching a lesson to Sashanka, King of Gauda and at the same time to free Princess Rajyasri from captivity. This adventure dramatically changes Bhaskara’s fortunes. Congratulations to P. W., on this wonderful debut!


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