Our April Author of the Month is fantasy fiction writer Tina Roberts who has taken Texas by storm on a whirlwind book tour. Roberts teamed up with the Texas Booksellers Association to present her new novel Dream Watchman – Quest for the Missing Talisman in Grapevine, Texas, at the Grapevine Convention Center, and then in Austin at the Norris Conference Center. Both were two day week-end events that saw copies of Book I completely sold out, leaving lots of anticipation from readers for Book II of the Dream Watchman Trilogy.

Another big event for the author was the Abilene Book and Music Festival, where record copies were sold and thousands of Texans attended. In Plano, Texas, Roberts was honored to be a guest speaker at Vines and Shepton High Schools, where she talked to the teenage students about her work and the rewards and difficulties of being an author. The busy writer went on to meet with the ‘Mommies of North Dallas Book Club’ to sign copies and greet book club members at Starbucks in Frisco, Texas. And this is just a portion of her busy schedule.

We salute Tina Roberts, who has seen success come from her tireless efforts. Great job, Tina!

Dream Watchman – Quest for the Missing Talisman can be purchased at most online retailers: Barnes&Noble.com and Amazon.com in print and eBook for Nook, Kindle or iPad.

Find out more about Author – Tina Roberts and the Dream Watchman Trilogy at the author’s website: