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Our September Author of the Month is Peter Cassidy, who has been contracted by Sanseido, the second largest book chain in Japan, to run children’s workshops using his new book, A Mole Named Cole and a Whole Lot of Hole. The story takes one nervous little mole far out of his comfort zone and out into the world, where he has never ventured; it is a tale of bravery and achievement, as well as having a language learning component, featured in the mini-musical chants in the second section of the book. Over the next year, Peter will visit many of the Sanseido stores that are looking to expand their English book sections.

Cole the Mole is from Timmins, Ontario, Canada, one of the largest mining communities in the world. This tiny creature has never left his mole hole, but decides it’s time to travel beyond his own little home and see what everyone else is talking about! Cole takes baby mole steps in his courageous journey, and then returns home with a whole lot of stories to tell. Whenever you feel you’re venturing outside your comfort zone and are trying something new and scary, remember Cole. If a little mole can do it, so can you!

A Mole Named Cole and a Whole Lot of Hole was recently awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2011 Readers Favorite Book Awards.

About the Author: Peter Cassidy wrote this charming children’s book in honor of his toddler daughter, Emily Clair Cassidy. “She is so adventurous and not shy. I thought that she and Cole had a lot in common.” Originally from Timmins, Ontario, where his story is set, he now teaches pre-kindergarten for the American Embassy Housing Compound in Tokyo.

About the Illustrator: Michael Elwin D. Setiadi teaches game graphic design at Ciputra University in Surabaya, Indonesia. He has helped Peter Cassidy produce many teaching resources for his Japanese students.


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