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Author Success Stories congratulations our NOVEMBER AUTHOR OF THE MONTH — Jeffrey B.Allen.  Allen’s novel GoneAway Into the Land is soon to become a motion picture. Producer Gene Corman (“A Woman Called Golda”) has finalized a deal with Hong Kong-based River Run, LLC to finance a four-hour miniseries based on the book. Production is scheduled to begin in spring 2012 in Georgia and Hong Kong.

Allen’s novel takes readers on a fantastic journey into the Land, a place where reality blends with fantasy. Twelve year old John Greber, along with his mother, Ellie, suffers abuse at the hands of John’s father, whom he calls “The Beast.” One day his father abandons the family, but takes John’s six-year old sister, Marny, with him.  On a mission to rescue his sister and confront his father, John and his mother find themselves entangled in a Civil War that could destroy the Land and the World. GoneAway Into the Land travels a totally different direction than expected. With its poignant theme of family abuse, this inspirational story proves that the strength of the human spirit can overcome all odds.

Available in hard cover, paperback and ebook, GoneAway has twice placed on the “Top Ten of the Year” list for e-books on The Reader’s Choice Review Blog.

“There is a faint dream-like quality to this book,” says author A.F. Stewart in a recent review. “GoneAway Into the Land is a captivating book with a creative narrative that quietly lures a reader into an original world that is fully realized and thoroughly absorbing. It transcends into a superb piece of fiction, and I recommend it highly.”

Author Jeffrey B. Allen lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where he consults in the field of architectural design, though most of his time is devoted to writing. He hopes readers will each come away with something different. “GoneAway is far from a religious novel. It is an inspirational novel, a philosophical novel.”


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