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Author of the Month Follow Up – Cassidy Donating Royalties to Tsunami Relief in Japan

Peter Cassidy, a recent graduate of Columbia University Teachers College and resident of Japan, has decided to donate 50% of royalties from his children’s book, “A Mole Named Cole and a Whole Lot of Hole”, to Tsunami victims.  Recently honored as author of the month through his publisher ( ), Peter felt that it was time to shift things into high gear with regards to using his recent success to help those still suffering from the disaster of March 11th in the northern region of Japan. Peter correlates the Japanese fighting spirit with the inspirational story of Cole the mole who faces his fears and overcomes hardships to achieve his goals. “I hope that I can convince people to get behind this project even during the economic hardships being faced in other areas of the world,” Cassidy said. “Japan is still suffering and I know that people around the world have gotten behind this country 100%! I hope that the ‘Cole Project’ can produce a little more relief for some of the people still displaced from their homes.” Peter has contacted Brit Lake, the Project Leader of “Global Living” situated in Washington D.C.,
and is awaiting instructions on how to set up the relief fund.

As found on Cassidy’s homepage ( ) “Cole the Mole and a Whole Lot of Hole,” the first published book of the ”Cole the Mole” trilogy, began as a section of a grammar portfolio while he was completing graduate studies at Columbia Teachers College in Tokyo. It has since become a double volume book featuring a beautifully illustrated story and fun mini-chants. There are downloadable online audio resources available and they include the story being read (piano background), as well as the mini-chants (percussion background). There are also assessment worksheets for testing understanding. These stories teach prepositions and phrasal verbs of motion and the rhythm and rhyme of each page can provide learning opportunities for young learners in their phonemic awareness growth. Teachers and parents alike will find this story to be a valuable resource for inspiring independence, imagination and a love for reading. The book can be purchased through, as well as through Barnes and Nobles and Chapters. Ingram discounts the book by 35% and can be found using the ISBN: 1609769384 and the EAN: 9781609769383.

“I’m not sure how much this will help the people of Fukushima and surrounding areas, but even if there is one person helped from this project it will be worth the effort,” concluded Cassidy when asked how much he thought this could help those still requiring help from organizations like Global Living. Cassidy hopes that the project will have success until the end of 2011, when he will then reassess how to continue in this endeavor.


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