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Authors in the News – Ottley-Okubo, Walters, Olsson, Ingram, Velings and Hawn

Author Margaret Ottley-Okubo was interviewed by Nancy De Gennaro about her new book Be Still and Listen to the Voice of God: Out of the Silence God Speaks in Tennessee’s Daily News Journal. The author is a retired nurse and midwife who began hearing the voice of God after a tragic tornado affected her life in 2009; the book was inspired by these divine communications with the Holy Spirit. As a born again Christian, Ottley-Okubo was relatively new to the words of both God and the Holy Bible at the time she wrote this book. Yet it is her hope that by reading the book, readers will learn to be still and listen, so that they too might be able to hear the voice of God, and as a result, be able to forge a deeper relationship with Him.

Walters Cover WebPaul Walters was interviewed in Australia’s Gold Coast Bulletin. The ad exec turned author is quoted as saying he hopes his new work will blow everyone away, but figuratively not literally – especially after his first book was sent to a reviewer but mistaken for a bomb threat! Blowback is the second installment of his Jonathon Savage tilogy, and begins in London when a deady virus is released on the tube that claims a number of lives in a matter of seconds. The novel features the return of character Miranda Phillips, who sets out to bring down Savage and destroy his plans. The author is currently travelling to Africa, Thailand and Singapore researching the last book in the series.

OLSSON_Cover_webPeter Olsson’s new novel A Boyish God will be featured in the ‘Books by Members’ in the spring issue of NH Writer, the magazine of the New Hampshire Writers’ Project –  The online entity supports a community of writers, editors, agents and publishers.

IngramCoverWebAuthor Doreen Ingram is on the move, travelling from Jacksonville to Phoenix and on to Las Vegas doing class presentations and book signings at a number of elementary schools. Ingram’s wonderful books, My Sanctuary: A Place I Call Home and the sequel, The Mission, tell the story of Joao and the other occupants of Chimp Eden, a chimpanzee sanctuary in Africa where Joao begins his second life after years in captivity. Ingram’s books, told in the ‘voice’ of the animals, are educational as well as great fun. According to Jane Goodall, My Sanctuary: A Place I Call Home captures the desperate need of orphaned chimpanzees and how they find love and a new life at Chimp Eden. The perfect gift for every child. I love this book.” Doreen is happy to report that at school visits over the last week she sold over 100 BOOKS! Great job, Doreen!

Veilings-e1357870370552The Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network (EPN) chose author Stephanie Velings as their VIP Member of the Month. EPR is celebrating her success story: after years of struggling with the debilitating eating disorder bulimia, a psychological disorder that goes beyond out-of-control dieting, Stephanie decided she would no longer be controlled by this horrible disease. She decided to heal herself at the young age of 17. Now, Stephanie is dedicating her time to inspiring and motivating millions of others through her soon to be released  Keep it Simple: Stop Dieting, Start Living. The book is an autobiographical guide to creating a healthier and happier lifestyle written from Stephanie’s desire to share her story of triumph and will be published in March. EPN will host a book launch part for the occasion.

Hawn coverThe Globe Magazine has quoted author Jack Hawn and his book Blind Journey: A Journalist’s Memoirs extensively in its recent story about the Andrews Sisters (mainly Maxene and Patty, who died Jan. 30 at age 94). Hawn’s memoir tells of his illustrious career and how, as a young man just out of the military, he became a copy boy at a Hollywood newspaper. From there, he began writing show reviews and sports stories, and in his spare time, wrote TV and radio scripts. In 1970, he joined the Los Angeles Times, where he wrote both sports and entertainment stories. During Jack Hawn’s career, he covered Muhammad Ali, the 1984 Olympics, as well as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and the biggest stars of the time, until his retirement in 1991.



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