Presumption of DeathAn article on author Joy Ratcliff Cagle’s Presumption of Death was recently featured in “The Dalton Daily Citizen.” The piece, which ran June 11, 2013 is excerpted below:

Former Dalton resident Joy Ratcliff Cagle takes us on a haunting journey through the twists and turns of a kidnapping case that was inspired by a 21-year- old FBI cold case. Lynn Conley, a litigation paralegal in Atlanta, is drawn through a shrouded veil into another dimension to help a stranger in one of the most bizarre cases she has ever investigated. Cursed or gifted, Lynn does not know, but through a shock wave of prophetic visions she begins to discover what she’s made of when she sees the kid- napping and subsequent murder of Sheri Noland, a young female attorney.

Presumption of Death uncovers the reason Lynn was compelled to help a woman who had become her ethereal friend; a strange and haunting friendship, exposing a bond that she did not understand until years later.

“We are our brother’s keeper and we should never turn our backs on what is right and just,” Cagle said. “There are many cases much like this one where evidence falls through the cracks, where people are afraid to come forward with information, where corruption thrives. But we have a responsibility as human beings to defend the rights of those who cannot defend themselves. Justice is the reason we have laws, and those laws are man’s feeble attempt to teach decency to others. Sadly, oftentimes these attempts fail, especially when enforcers of the law are corrupt.”

Cagle’s hope is that Presumption of Death will stir something within its readers and inspire them to come forward with information on any unsolved case. Their information could bring closure and possibly peace to the victims and/or their families.

Congratulations, Joy!