bargerEnjoy this interview with author Carl J. Barger, author of Dark Clouds Over Alabama.

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What is your book about?


The year is 1853. The place is Twin Oaks plantation, Autauga, County, Alabama. Twenty-one-year-old Obediah Bradford’s life is transformed forever when he accompanies his father to purchase a new household servant in nearby Selma. Obadiah is deeply affected by his immediate attraction and intense feelings for Penelope, the beautiful mulatto daughter of his family’s new servant. These feelings will eventually present some of the greatest challenges of his and Penelope’s lives.

What inspired you to write your book?

While I was doing research for an African-American, in regard to his slave ancestors, I found the research quite interesting. He wanted to know if I could find the plantation owners who owned his ancestors. His ancestors were owned by one plantation owner from the 1840’s-1860’s. My research inspired me to write this beautiful novel. Although, my novel doesn’t name the true identity of the owner or the African-American, it still represents a true assessment of a life as a slave.
With the threat of civil war looming on the horizon, DARK CLOUDS OVER ALABAMA, is the heart-wrenching story of Obadiah, his forbidden love for Penelope, his struggles with the immorality of slavery, his service in the Confederate Army’s medical corps, and how he overcomes every challenge by adhering to his traditional values, Christian beliefs, and deep faith in God. It is a story of love, life, hope, commitment, polities, tragedy, and triumph in the Old South that is quite simply a must read for anyone interested in this fascinating chapter in American history.

How does your book benefit the world?

DARK CLOUDS OVER ALABAMA presents a true assessment of treatment of slaves during that time period. Some Christian plantation owners treated their slaves good, while others treated them like animals. There is good and bad found in my novel. Some people would like to forget this time period, but the generation of today need an opportunity to see how one race of people, were enslaved, labored, and fulfilled the objectives of another race who used them to accomplish their goals and objectives. Like the Holocaust, its a part of history, that needs to be remembered and kept alive. It was a dark era in our history, but history is important!