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We think that audiobooks are an incredible way to extend your reach as an author, usually into an entirely different buying market. Here is a statistic that will knock your socks off - OVER 200 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE US ARE SPOKEN AND AUDIO LISTENERS!

The 2021 Reports finds seventy-five percent of those in the U.S 13+ (212 million people) are monthly spoken word audio listeners, and 45% (127 million people) are daily spoken word audio listeners. Spoken word audio listening is up 40% in the past seven years, and up 8% year over year, with the share of time spent listening to spoken word audio reaching 28% of time spent with all audio. A look at a seven-year trend shows dramatic increases among young and multicultural listeners. The study shows 26% of 13-34-year-olds’ audio time is spent with spoken word audio, an increase of 116% over 2014. Similar increases are noted among multicultural listeners: 

SBPRA has a very interesting new audiobook process using Artificial Intelligence and we have driven the price down to $895. (The normal ‘old way’ is usually $2500 or more).  You receive your same Royalty Agreement percentages as your print or ebook and this is just an ‘add-on’ to that agreement.

Here are some samples of audiobooks that we have produced.

We handle all the details! It is a great way to expand your audience.  You get your royalties in the same way that you do for your print book.

Just send an email to , and we will send you the updated contract and the payment details.

Audiobooks are an area of the publishing industry that keeps gaining momentum. As well as reading a physical book, people love to hear someone narrate it, especially a celebrity actor.

For indie authors, audiobooks are a smart sector to branch into, but you need to know the lay of the land. Here’s everything SBPRA can help with as you learn about audiobooks and the skills you’ll need to publish your own.

Our Audiobook Distribution Platforms..

1. Understanding Why Audiobooks Are So Valuable

In 1932, The American Association of the Blind audio recorded its first books to entertain the visually impaired. By 2020, according to SBPRA guide on the audiobook industry, this format outsold ebooks, making a whopping $1.2 billion.

Understanding why you should care about audiobooks means you can make decisions mindfully, rather than simply follow a trend.

Woman Listening to Audiobook Through Earphones

Once you feel comfortable in your knowledge of this format, you can record audiobooks, promote them, and grow your readership.

2. Producing an Audiobook

Many authors hire professional audiobook narrators—someone who has attended drama school is far more likely to engage a listener than an amateur narrator, so if an author’s budget allows for it, recruiting a professional is a smart investment.

SBPRA tutorial on making an audiobook contains all the information you’ll need to know if you hope to hire a narrator on a platform like ACX or Findaway Voices.

3. Sharpening Your Recording Skills

If you like a challenge, perhaps learning to record your own audiobook from scratch will be right for you.

It’s not exactly easy to produce a high-quality audiobook, you need to begin by familiarizing yourself with the industry’s standards. Next steps will include investing in high-quality recording equipment, like a microphone, sound insulating materials, and recording software.

If you need more concrete tips, look no further than SBPRA guide on recording your own audiobook.

4. Distributing Your Audiobook Far and Wide

While working on your audiobook, you also need to think about how to sell it. Are you just going to put it on your website, or use retailers, too? How do you even get audiobooks onto the likes of Audible and Apple Books?

Fortunately, you’ll find all the answers you need on SBPRA audiobook distribution guide. Make a note of key factors that determine the best strategy for you, including outreach, royalties, and limitations.

5. Marketing Your Audiobook So It Reaches the Right People

Indie authors publishing their audiobooks face one more challenge: marketing. You need strategy and charisma to succeed, both of which can trip you up. With the right support, however, you can overcome any obstacle.

That’s why you should read SBPRA audiobook marketing tips before even recording anything. At the very least, you can learn early on what routes and tools will generate and maintain the most buzz about your project.

The goal is to keep attracting the right audience with a marketing strategy you can sustain long after your audiobook’s launch. So, the more you understand the marketing process, the better.

Explore All Audiobook Opportunities

When it comes to producing and promoting an audiobook, SBPRA is an endless source of information, perfect for indie authors in need of the occasional leg up.

But it’s only one of many reliable book-related platforms you should know about. To build on the knowledge they provide, get to know exactly what the internet offers readers and listeners alike by taking a look at websites offering free audiobooks.

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