ANOTHER Midwest Review Pick!

Author Katherine Buerger-Smith’s Bia Gets a New Baby Brother is featured in the current Midwest Review’s online magazine Children’s Bookwatch as a ‘Reviewer’s Choice’ –

The reviewer writes “Bia Gets a New Baby Brother is a lovely picture book for toddlers who have a new baby sibling to love. Bia is excited about her baby brother, Eli, but sometimes she makes him cry without realizing why, which makes her cover her ears. Gradually Bia gets accustomed to Eli and finds ways to play with him that are fun for both of them. Bia Gets a New Baby Brother is a true picture of the awkward pathways to be negotiated when a new baby is born into a family with one or more older siblings. Both the bright illustrations and the large, action-oriented narrative help build appeal for toddlers and young children.”

Congratulations, Katherine!