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A Poem Describes Us Best – SBPRA Loves The Creativity of Our Authors

Eloquent and Strategic for me….

Is like an extension of our family tree..

The branches shine like gold…

Sharing magic for all to see…

Each seasons may come and go…

Strategic and Eloquent will always be seen…

Branches outstretched far and wide…

Holding the miracles born in life…

For creation written in words…

Binds the united nations of the world….

Across oceans far and wide….

The tree of Strategic is alive….

A heartbeat that cannot be denied…

Like the miracle of a new born child….

A new book born everyday a bundle of love to always stay….

Whether written by young or old…

Strategic and Eloquent hold the key.

With SMILES  and thanks and love and appreciation to you all.

Author: Dee Weldon-Bird, Author of “From Both Sides of the Fence”



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