Byron – A Play in Three Acts by Nigel Patten

Nigel Patten was born near London in 1940, and has lived in Switzerland since 1961, where he taught English at a French high school. He has published 12 books, including historical novels, a biography, an English course for French speakers, and a play on the last weeks of the poet Shelley’s life. A two-time Reader’s Favorite Award winner, the author travelled in a motorhome to India, and for 15 years sailed his sailboat between the Greek islands. Having reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro twice, he still hikes mountains. An actor and director, he was part of an amateur theatre troupe in Vevey for 40 years.

A Simple Twist of Fate – Destiny by Gary D Chattman

Gary D. Chattman calls himself a jack-of-all-trades and master of most. He has written 15 published books and has also been a teacher/administrator; camp director; lifeguard; professional concert pianist; Bar/Bat Mitzvah teacher (outside of Hebrew school with 300 students); a principal of Hebrew schools; a salesman; drama director in Bronx high schools; producer; originator of his own theater group; politician (elected representative 11th Ward, Yonkers); and writer of hundreds of Jewish plays for children. Today he is a prolific writer. He believes his biggest success is being married this year, 2021, for 50 years, to his wife, Patti. He is the proud father of a teacher and an entrepreneur, and the proud grandpa to Ryan, age 15; Noah, age 9; Zachary, age 6; and Lila, age 1-1/2.

Bolus by Randall Glenn

Randall Glenn has been writing his whole life, “but as I approach retirement, I’m now ready to publish.” The father of six is a maintenance electrician and mechanic in Jonesboro, Arkansas. This is his fourth book.

Dream Collection – Singer of Dream, Masterpiece of Soul by Dong Fang Dao

Exactly as the author chants:

“Ah, Poet! Natural messenger, embodiment of freedom and innocence, only you first smell every subtle scent in spring, even at late night, at dawn, or in early morning of the sun shining. You are only messenger of universe, forerunner of all things, every sigh of nature sees eye to eye with you, understands tacitly, whether in the day or at night.”

A Woman In Love – Deception-The Beginning by C. Dale Baldwin

C. Dale Baldwin grew up in Brooklyn, New York. She previously wrote three books of poetry and five other books. “I want to show that love is complicated and that it isn’t always pure, true, or good. It takes a strong woman to love herself enough that she can stay strong through the bad times as well as the good.”

The Bearing Stone by Margaret Williams-Coker

Margaret Williams-Coker is a psychiatric social worker who has held clinical, managerial, and administrative positions. She graduated from the University of New York at Albany with a master’s in social welfare. She also graduated from the College of St. Rose in Albany, New York, where she majored in music education. The author has published academic articles and book chapters, and has written short stories, poems, and books for children. Her penchant for music led her to compose a mass titled “In Honor of the Holy Cross” and the symphony “Suite in A Minor” for double bass, as well as many other musical compositions. Born in Syracuse, New York, she now resides in the Capital District in Upstate New York. She cherishes her four sons and six grandchildren.

Wealth and Power by Henri Eyo

Henri Eyo holds a bachelor’s degree in law and a diploma in journalism. He retired as an Assistant Director of Information in the Ministry of Information, Calabar. Presently, he is a pensioner who takes to creative writing. He was a member of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Cross River State Council. He is a native of Creek Town, Western Calabar. He was born in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. The author is married with children.