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Dear SBPRA team,

I want to express my special thanks to all of you for the pleasant and timely manner in which you have completed the production of my book “Memories of my Africa”. At every step, every one of you has been extremely helpful and prompt in responding to my questions and requests. For quite some time, I had been wondering if the book would be ready in time for Christmas; but on Saturday, I heard from friends in UK that they had received their copies; and yesterday, two boxes containing 110 copies were delivered at my home. These are the copies that I ordered on behalf of my friends in the Netherlands. I will distribute them in the next few days; so they will be well in time for Christmas!
After that, I will relax, enjoy my Christmas and fly to South Africa for a three-month stay.

I am happy and grateful for the way things have worked out.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas!

I love you all!

Bob Landheer

Author: Bob Landheer, author of “Memories of my Africa”


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