Thanks for Your Unfailing Help

Many thanks for all of your help so far,that has been unfailing in its accuracy and support and guidance. I’ll write back if I need any more advice. So,until then,thanks again, John Author: J.M. Cronin, author of “How to Win in the 21st Century and Win Well”

Glad I Chose SBPRA

Thank you very much for all the emails. Good morning and have a nice day. It’s really great working with you people. I’m happy I took the decision to work with you. Best regards, David Author: David Franklyn, author “Belvedere”

Very Pleased With SBPRA’s Services

Dear Robert, I have published four books with Strategic and am working on my fifth.  I am very pleased with all the assistance and extra options made available by your company, especially the book trailers. Sincerely, Suzanne Gene Courtney Author: Suzanne Gene Courtney, author of “Florence Flies Alone”, “Ride to the Stars”, “Through the Eyes of […]

Sensational Webinar

Hi, The webinar today was sensational. Wait till I get the info on how to watch it on demand; I’ll eventually pick up on everything I need to know from what was there that I may have missed. Thanks to you, Liz Page, Patrick, Kait Neese and Denise Volwiler and everyone else that were also responsible […]

Thank You, Strategic Book Group

I also want to thank my publisher at Strategic Book Group; they are the most wonderful people to work with throughout every stage of making this book possible. Author: Karen Ayers, author of “The Secrets of Westingdale”, “Cold Winter’s Chill . . . Brad’s Story”, “Sweet Summer Rain . . . Noah’s Story”, and “Fall’s […]

Great Team to Work With!

Hi, Thank you for the answer. It’s big pleasure to work with you! You are so amiable and professional! And all your team too. So, I attached here my other photo to replace the present one. Thank you again. With warmest regards to you Todor Author: Todor Bombov, author of “Of Rats and Men”

Glad to Have Such Professional People Like SBPRA

Hi, All the pleasure is mine. I am really glad to have such professional people like you to help me marketing my first book as I have no experience in this field. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards. Mohammed Fareed Awad Author: Mohammed Fareed, author of “Seeds of Glory”

Great Webinar!

Dear Kait Neese, Thanks Kait, that was a ‘must hear’. I won’t know what I got out of it to be useful until I try it out personally but that was very informative if I can make it work. I got this webinar and five others later for free by dealing with Denise Volwiler and then referred […]

A VERY BIG Thank You

A  VERY BIG thank you  Mr Robert Fletcher   It has  been my  pleasure and privilege of  getting an opportunity to closely associate with your wonderful  team of professionals who helped me publish my book- CRICKET-INDO. Now  I am even more involved with your team for marketing my book worldwide. Best regards R A M Varma Author: R.A.M. […]