Blessed in Having SBPRA as Publisher

Hi Kait, It’s an honor to meet you too; and, yes, I’m very blessed in having Son Chad to assist me in so many things. But I’m also blessed in having the Strategic Book Group, as my publisher, whose gifted and giving people, like your self, are there for their authors. Thank you, Kait Neese, […]

Efforts Appreciated

Dear Kait, I just read the latest update email about the China show. I’m excited! This is wonderful news. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts at all of the book expos. I’m sure that you spend countless hours and travel thousands of miles […]

Thank You to All at SBPRA

Thank you, Kait. It’s such a God-given blessing for The Mommy Writings Series. I’m so very, very grateful first to God, then to everyone at my Publisher Strategic Book Group, LLC. Author: Suzanne McMillen-Fallon, author of “Mommy’s Writings”

Encouraging Professionlism

Hi, Thanks for sending me the report on Frankfurt. Your professionalism is most encouraging. And good to see Robert (who I know personally) in there with his troops. As he says: “always selling”. Author: Fraser Beath McEwing, author of “Adam EXX”

Fantastic Press Release

Hi. Your book reference is fantastic, I am very happy with your help in two books, I send the form, I am grateful  your help to describe my book on the press release. Thank very much Helen, I wish the best and kind regards to family. Hoa Minh Truong Author: Hoa Minh Truong, author of […]

Well Done!

Hi, Absolutely spot on. It brought tears to my eyes. Less really is more. Thank you. Author: J. S. Quinn, author of “All About My Mother”

Exemplary Work, Team!

Hi: Thank you for sending this important Show Report, Germany – I am absolutely proud of our Company … “Exemplary Work, Team!” Author: Miki Michele, author of “Lion and Kitsune”

Hope to Work with You Always

Hi, I am very happy and really moved by what I have seen thus far. My business is come up alright at the moment and I promise to pay for some shows soon.I really love to work with you guys and hopefully that will last forever. Your are a good company I must say. I […]