SBPRA Authors Take the Gold in 2012 “Readers Favorite Awards”

Eleven Strategic Book Publishing authors have won honors in the 2012 Readers Favorite Awards. Entries were up two-fold from last year, with contestants competing against submissions from major publishers, best-selling authors and celebrities.  The  winners are: W.G. Griffiths and his Methuselah’s Pillar won the Gold Medal in the Fiction/Action category. Methuselah’s Pillar takes readers on […]

You guys are AWESOME!

You guys are AWESOME! I don’t deserve you. It looks amazing. And, along with Eric’s photo’s, it will be better that brilliant. Even if I only sell one copy it will be worth every penny and hour spent writing it. The new photo shoot was better than the last and Reilly actually sat still. We […]

A Million Thanks

Thanks. The press release is fine, thank you so much. Please accept this as my approval and do the necessary. My cover is indeed beautiful. As I said, I am so excited about this book, I need to be nailed to the ground! You guys have done me so proud. A million thanks. Regards, Sheila […]

Professional Work Done

Hi, That [back cover] was very nice work, one always likes to see a professional at work. It is beyond me how you know how to start something like that and get so much information into so restricted a space. Regards. Alec.. Author: Alec Zandur, author of “Polly and the Shadow Goblin”

SBPRA is a First-Rate Publisher

Hello, and thanks for the copy of my manuscript. It is much more impressive than my original. I’m sure the literary agent will like it, should she request to read it. My thanks to everyone for the lovely outcome of the production process. I also will never give any files of this manuscript to anyone […]