Top Notch Work

I wanted to say that the script as written for the back cover of Fire and Brimstone – Reality: To live or die: That is the question: was really ‘top notch’ and I was very pleased with it, I certainly could not have put it better than it was. Many thanks for putting up with […]

Brilliant Write Up

Thanks for your brilliant write up. It shows class and professionalism. Warmest Regards Omoragbon O.E Author: Omoragbon Osasumwen Egbe, author of “The Conception”

Thank You for Your Help

The Press Release sounds great! It has me wanting to buy it. Thank you for all your help. I look forward to working with you on my next book. Thanks again, Jeanne Riedel Author: Jeanne Riedel, author of “Mistaken Identity”

Great Work!

Thank you for your email. I don’t know who wrote the script for the books back cover, but I congratulate them, I could not have done better myself. I return the form as requested and trust that I have done as required, if there is anything not so, please let me know. Many thanks and […]

Thank You for Your Hard Work

Thank you very much. All of you there are so great! Have a good week-end! (The rest of it! ) You sure put in a long day, there. Please know how much all of us on this end of the book appreciate all of you. Sincerely, IlaJean Kragthorpe Author: IlaJean Kragthorpe, author of “The Bones of […]

Excellent Job!

Hi, This is EXCELLENT! Many thanks for your help and advice! Cheers, Gabor Katona Author: Gabor Katona, author of “North American Hunting Expedition”