Never Disappointed with SBPRA

Dear Book Fair Team, Since I have signed my first contract with SBPRA, I have never been disappointed. Not even once! I am so glad that I have chosen your company, and that you have accepted to publish my manuscripts! Thank you so much! God bless you! Now, as for you proposal. I believe it […]

Full Trust in SBPRA

Hi, Hope this message finds you at the best of your health. Thanks for your wonderful response. I have a full trust in you and have a complete satisfaction in your work quality, so you can perform this 10 word cut by yourself.  I have no concerns regarding it and I am fine with it. […]

Great Job!

Thank you. Great job!  Appreciate your part on getting my novel onto its final completion.  Have a great day.  Maybe you’ll also have a chance to work on my next novel as well. Namaaste’ Ron DeNardo Author: Ronald J. DeNardo, author of “The Andromeda Incident”