SBPRA Will Publish My Second Book Without A Doubt

I’m so excited, Strategic did such a great job publishing my first children’s book  The Peach Tree Kids/Jaws Of Dragons. I’m ready to submit my second book The Peach Tree Kids/Circus Fleas in my children’s book series. Thanks So Much! Author: Jennie Chadwick, Author of “Peach Tree Kids: Jaws of Dragons”  

Delightful Press Release, Thank You!

You have done a really good job of the PR and have embraced the message of Ockie Octopus Learns to Love Himself. We are delighted with what you have done. I will attach the signed form with gratitude. Author: Jan Daniels, Author of “Ockie Octopus Learns to Love Himself”    

Truly Wonderful Experience

I would recommend Eloquent and Strategic Publishing to any author who wants a truly wonderful experience while getting their work published.  To all you writers searching the internet…don’t always believe what you read. Ask someone who has actually gone through the process! For me, it has been a true pleasure. Author:  Patricia Binkley-Childress, Author of […]

A Publisher One Can Be Happy With

Before we discuss the price of the book I would like speak to the fact that the staff of Eloquent Books have been so helpful, patient and ‘Just plain good folks’! It has taken me a long while and much disappointment (at times) to finally find a publisher I was happy with. Others have published […]

Dedicated, Loyal, and Hard Working Publisher

Hello Everyone!  I must say that I have never known a more dedicated, loyal, and hard working group of staff members/employees with such family status and each professionals in your fields from every department, that caters to the needs, and requests of it’s writers while exceeding anyone’s expectations. From the instructions to the patience to the designing of the […]

Thrilled To Bits Over SBRA

I have received the print proof of my book and I’m thrilled to bits.  I would like to thank the whole team at Strategic from start to finish.  Everyone has been efficient, helpful and enthusiastic making the whole process stress free. Author: Maria Ramsay, Author of “Mr. Sun Smiles Down on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne” […]

A Press Release Made Personal

This is an awesome press release, it is captivating and compassionate, says a lot in few words! Thanks for you personal touch. Author: John Cary, Author of “Scary Terry”  

A Thank You to the Editing Department

Thank you so much. I must say that from all the people I have worked with so far it was absolutely super to work with you. You reply so quickly and with clear answers. I hope that with my next book (yes, I’m already working on it) we will be able to work together again. […]

First Time Author Experience

For a “first time author” at Barnes and Noble, I blew them away.  A wonderful events manager set up a circle of eight chairs and quickly had to add and add and add as I started to read.  The book, with its wonderful eye-catching cover designed by Rolando Santos, was obviously a hit since it […]